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My Daily Happenings

Very quite day. Tried cleaning up my blog some. Removed some stuff. Added some things to scrolling marquee's. I had thought it in the past but never did it. Lisa from A Mermaids Crafts did one on her blog, loved how it looked. Not sure f it really helps that much in the load time of the page but it does help a little. Guess when you have so many button/blinkies on your blog all pulling from different url the pages will load slow. Oh well that is just a part of blogging.

Manged to get one card made today and that was it for creating.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.


Carri from Double Click AKA Abusybee is hosting a giveaway here is what you could win.

Aren't those little monster stamps too cute. Hop on over and find out the complete details. While you are there browse around some. Carri has some beautiful creations. I get inspired every visit to her blog. CLICK HERE NOW

Rosalee from Rosalle's Scrap Lounge is offering some Blog Candy. Here is what you could win.

Looks like a nice haul. Hop on over for more details. While there look around. Rosalle as some beautiful creation too. Again a great source of inspiration. CLICK HERE NOW

I will be featuring this giveaway until it ends. I feel this is a cause that warrants the exposure.

Link Up For Pink needs our help in getting the word out about Link Up for Pink. So they are hosting a giveaway. Here is what you could win. Purple Cows' Stamp It system!

So what are you waiting for hop on over for complete details and help out this Great Cause. CLICK HERE NOW

Halloween Card Swap

I want to thank each of you that signed up for the Halloween Card Swap. I sent out a emal Friday with the address you need to send your cards to. I ask that each of you reply so I would know you have the had received the email. 

Below is the list of those who signed up. I will each day until Friday included this in The Daily News. As I here back from each of you your names will be highlight. If you did not receive the email contact me using the Contact Tab above and let me know and I will send it to you again. I think we ended up with a nice little group. (8 including me)

Tabitha from Tabitha's Designs
Rhonda from Scrap Happens
Susie from Susie Craft Happy
Lisa from Created in NY
Pamela from Scrap N Sew Granny
Janea from Recollection Alley


* Enter the Fabric Friday Challenge Up to 3 COLORS HERE * Enter the SVG Saturday Challenge 3D  HERE

Hugs Nana


  1. Sounds like you had a busy and technical day.

  2. Thank you for sharing the giveaway on your blog.

    owner of

  3. hey hey! look at you will all the haps! :) sounds like you had a great, bloggy day!

  4. I went in my computer and I was going to do the thing I asked you about awhile back and just decided not to because if i mess it up then what?
    Glad you got a card made and thanks for the info.. I'm going to go check some of those out right now.
    DIANA L.

  5. Thanks for sharing all the giveaways here!! Your daily news is awesome!!!

  6. I am back and couldnt wait to get the daily news. you are awesome friend! hugs

  7. Hi Nana!!!
    I just saw the rolling clips of the blog candy on another bloggers site and was thinking to do the same!..LOL..You know what they say...2 great minds do think a like...LOL Thansk for the daily News.You are AWESOME!!
    Have a abulous day!

  8. Thanks so much for the daily news!! I look forward to this!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts


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