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Get Inspired With Chatter Scene 700 Follower GiveAWay

Chris is approaching the 700 follower milestone. Lets help her get there. Head on over to Get Inspired With Chatter Scene and help her reach that goal.

She is giving away a Cricut Elegant Edges Cartridge! Rules for entries are so easy. So what are you waiting for? Click HERE now..

Hugs Nana
Don't forget to enter for a chance to WIN a
$150.00 Joann Fabrics Gift Card
CLICK HERE for more info


  1. Thanks jana ill head over there to help a crafty sister out. Thanks for sharing, God bless.

  2. Nana sorry that's what happens when spell check steps in lol nana not jana.

    1. lol, no biggie.. I do it all the time

      Hugs Nana


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