Thursday, July 19, 2018

I'm Back

Welcome to My Crafting Channel

Good morning. I'm Back.
It has been since 4/28 since I have posted or commented.
Did you miss me?

To be very honest, I needed a break,  needed to take some time to evaluate life in general.

Feeling I was on the Internet way too much, too much tv and not enough time spent actually living, allowing myself to get so wrapped up in creating things that really had no purpose just to enter challenges etc. and spending hours leaving comments every day.

After spending the past few months thinking about it all I have finally decided what changes are needed to take control of my life again and never lose sight of what is most important again. which is:

1. My Family and Home. Must put my family first, and my home second.

2.  Managing the time spent commenting. I can no longer visit or comment on people's blogs that do not visit or comment on mine. Many people have made statements they do not have the time to comment. The conclusion, my time is just as important as theirs.

4. Blog Content. Spending the last 8 years making cards, cards, cards to the point I really hate to even make one anymore, boxes and boxes of them taking up space on my shelves. I will no longer be a mainly Paper Craft Blog. I will continue to share paper items I create for my store or family, friends. I want to get back to all my first loves of crafting, such as quilting, cross stitch, crochet and yes even cooking. So look for way more of this type of content to be shared here.  I do not want to ever again be pigeonholed in a certain type of craft.

I do understand if my blog will no longer appeal to some. However, it must appeal to me first and foremost.

I will be playing catch up on commenting on those blogs that are true followers of my blog who always visit and comment when I share content (You know who you are) and yes I greatly appreciate you. This will take a few days.

Thank you for stopping by.
Have a Creative Day.


  1. So good to talk to you! I thought I would comment be we head out for errands. I feel exactly the way you do! Family and close friends come first. As far as commenting, I have actually heard some bloggers say that they were too busy to comment- but they sure like getting those comments. When I first started blogging it was after I had neck surgery and I was bead ridden. I visited and followed many many blogs and commented daily on those blogs. Did I get comments in return, not near the amount that I was commenting on but I still continued to comment. Not any more.It is so true that our time is just as important and precious as their's. I too enjoying doing many different crafts and do not want to be pigeon holed in to one thing. What do they say about variety being the spice of life. I think it is great that you are selling your beautiful boxes and if people don't like seeing your boxes it is THEIR problem! You craft what YOU love and don't ever let anyone deter you from that!
    Love ya!

  2. Glad to hear that you are back with a different upmost swing. Just like me, I do not post as much as I used as when I first started blogging. To much has over come in life general and if I feel like commenting I do so sometimes I just do my 2 DT postings and do my own thing. I still craft on my own time and if I feel like sharing it I will but 98% I don't. So I think we can relate on certain things we might have in common. LOL!
    Any how good to hear your back and do what you need to do......

  3. Glad to see you back my friend! I totally get it as well! It has become so difficult to leave comments and then on Facebook as well... Too much honestly! I actually go to work everyday and do my crafting on the weekends... and even that can become tiresome... This week especially has been long and difficult at work... and yet.. I'm making sure to catch up on my blog commenting... True Dedication! hahahaha I look forward to seeing whatever your creations might be.... Your sewing stuff has always been a joy.... I still have the cute coffee cozy you made - It sits right here on my desk... I'm not a sewer as you well know.... but I do enjoy seeing it and other crafts too... So bring it on! I look forward to it! :) Big Hugs and have a great weekend!


  4. Glad to see you back! I agree with everything you said. I follow a lot of blogs and try to comment on as many as I can. The amount of blogs I follow doesn't equal to how many followers I have now. With that said I am looking forward to seeing your creations.
    Have a great day!


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